I see some of you die hard wwwaters followers are beginning to call for his head.  While I understand this is a naural emotional response, the ultimate responsibility for the loss of your money lies with you and you alone.  I made a sincere attempt many months ago to balance all the blind optimism and I was shunned/ignored.  So if this company winds up going bankrupt or sold for mere pennies you cant blame wwwaters.  His spreadsheets and price predictions are mere estimates and projections, not facts.  I'll reiterate the message I was trying to get across months ago.  The firm's business plan is exremely difficult for a company this size.  The risk is drastically reduced if it were to be combined with a larger company/assets.  It's mere economics and economies of scale.  Now the management team/board that was responsible for getting us to this point is gone and relieved of responsibility.  New management will be able to pawn any problems off on old mangement and old management wont be anywhere to be found.