Hi folks   I just wrote a long piece explaining macros of november; but ? I screwed up and it is lost. I have a hand injury; so excuse now this "word association" about what I tried in lost piece; The GWM micro will be more 'straight english'. IF Romney, what policy long term, what is owed in awkward stupid delivery to Israel/Middle east? Syria = Russia = #1 enemy ??? Oh! that would be just peachy. Remember Sudan explosions 3 months ago? presaged last week Gaza; could (may be) worse, but handled for now. Anyone remember or read 'Arab oil embargo'? events spiral out of control (was envisioning Dr. Strangelove; John McCain yahooing on a nuke!!!) OK; didn't work that way; still open to having a very bad day for world; not right now. Bloomberg pushed Oboma on Climate change; good for REE demand ... just now details. Within this gestalt; many dark streets and some bright highways.

    More 'acceptable' here BUT still askanse for many .... my view from day one: The BUSINESS model of GWM. Most here ONLY think in Mining mind set! I am amazed actually. MINE TO MAGNET ... OK, mine .... what does TO mean in this business model? Nothing to do with mine ..... process engineering; chemical processing, multi steps ..... In my 'Nov.' frame; I was considering the CEO issue. My view is that 'MINE' is 20-30% of focus ..... process is 30-50% of business focus ..... now MAGNET .... what does that entail? This is product arena ... this is component supply, OEM product development ..... This is supply chian thinking .... NOTHING TO DO WITH MINING, different skill sets; different view of what most are saying/thinking. Ponch a while back picked up on my incessent mention of process as key and that GWM was aiming to become a MANUFACTURER. Process supplier, semi finished products and LCM materials supplier AND possibly further down as an OEM or component manufacturer (shaman was stabbing at an 'Arnold' type total finished; but that makes for too much distraction, but possible later).

     So, this exectutive search ... Korn Ferry .... are they looking for a Mining person, a chemical engineering/process engineer type or a marketing, supply chain or what complex background required. I have many "issues" with management perspectives; degrees and backgrounds can throw you off the path ( Bill Gate and steve Jobs would never make the cut!) . So, I been around management science for a while; there is a reason you need a background in psych to get a bigger picture view. Something 'is rotten in Denmark' .... not sure; but I know more than most how complicated the REE process step really is. Mining mentality is not good for chemical processing; we are at a transition point in THIS unique business model; unknown territory; a special thinker is required; they don't grow on trees. once we 'find' CEO = one thing; I'm more focused on the operations manager perspective ..... if good decision; we'll be good. Macros are now more favorable. My 2 cents also. Best