A day after we received what many consider to be terrible news, I have some more not so thrilling news to share. I did hear back from Dwight(on Tues) Re the warrants. He confirmed that the company can basically request as many warrant extensions as they want. I also questioned him about the 2 month extension and he said that it was to minimize the time during which the perceived overhang from warrants outstanding would be in effect.

As far as yesterday's news goes, I can't say that I'm thrilled about it. I have great respect for both Jim and Gary. That being said, we were warned that changes to the board would be coming. This shouldn't have been a shock to any of us(except that we weren't really expecting it to be Gary and the timing was a bit of a surprise). That being said, I felt that Gary was very positive about the move so that makes it sit a little better with me. It would have been nice to have some replacements named but I'm sure we will hear more on that in the coming weeks. Also, I don't feel like wwwater has been hiding as he's chimed in multiple times with his 2 cents so I'm not sure what some people are expecting.

Patience folks, we will have many answers in the next few weeks.