1) Time to get the big guys in to run and manage a multi national corporation with potential for first ( or close ) mover status

2) We now have 5 board members with  David Kennedy not independant....enough talent to direct

3) As GWG2 pointed out, Jim stated clearly that there would be changes of the board particuliarly those not considered independant

4) Because Waters always pays incredibly close attention to all public data available, he heard in #3 the eventual departure of our founding fathers. To say it was expected in such a sudden manner with no replacements is disingenuous on his part. Until further news is available he will likely wait to comment.

5) Now that Gary and Jim are gone I do not think we will see the day Waters projections make us money. I do believe his numbers come close to reality, just not a reality we will now be part of.

6) As I stated long ago I felt a buy out would occur but not until all is well and integrated. As stated so eloquently earlier by dxz095 I would agree with a take out in the mid dollar range

7) Unless there is some shocking news such as no permit to bulid or no GQD relationship we will be full steam ahead just not with our best interests intact.

8) I expect we will make some money, just not the money we expected