After reading all the posts full of angst and sleeping on it..... I still feel fine. And for me, that is saying something.  I am thinking this is the best thing that could have happened. I obviously am in the minority (again). 

We need to make the leap from start-up to grown-up and for that we new blood.  (who posted months ago that they were tired of hearing Jim and Gary say the same thing over and over at these talks??)  The tech world is laden with this kind of problem.... the dorm room kid has a great idea , gets the start-up going.... then needs "grown-ups" (i.e. real businessmen) to get the company to its potential. (look how Steve Jobs got pushed out in the beginning because he was failing!! <--- and what did he do? He went right out and started another company) Maybe Gary is a start-up guy in his heart and maybe he really doesn't even want to run a company.  Surely you know people like that in real life. Do you think for a moment though that he no longer cares??? that is ludicrous!  IF he sells his shares... that is when to get worried.

Maybe they were pushed or maybe they were honest and realized (FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMPANY) that this was necessary.  You want a grown up company that can compete in the global market place? Then you need people who can accomplish that.

I suspect the new CEO wanted some board members of his own. And I also think there is some merit to Livetotrade's idea about independent directors.  And a board shakeup WAS telegraphed by Jim in August.

The downside for me is that I wish they had announced this along with the replacements. But they sure have a different way of doing this.

I may be crazy but I think this is good.  Maybe we are on the Tintanic but I doubt it.  Honestly.