- When I think Gary Billingsley; ... I think; "Dedicated"; ... "No-Nonsense"; ... "Straight-Shooter"; ...

- And this is what he said today; ... or at least what the press release claims he said; ..."Outgoing Executive Chairman Gary Billingsley stated, "It has been my great pleasure over the past 14 years to watch GWMG develop into the company it is today, poised for significant growth as a vertically-integrated enterprise in the global rare earth market. I want to thank Jim Engdahl, specifically, for helping to build on that vision. I would also like to thank Bill McKnight for his guidance as a director as well as all of the employees and board members, past and present, for their effort and dedication. I eagerly look forward to watching GWMG fulfil its potential under new leadership." (my emphasis above)


- I fail to see how the above translates into a doom or gloom scenario for GWMG !

- Too many parties out there who recognise the value of GWMG; ... and share a vested interest in the ultimate success of the GWMG vertically integrated REE supply chain model.

- Look to a deep pocketed partner; somewhere up the supply-chain; .. like an "Aichi",or a "Vacuumschmelze" to supply the balance of funding; and the needed expertise; ...of course for the said price of "a relinquish in control".

- Or perhaps look to a consolidation by a major Ree player, such as a Lynas (who share a similar monazite deposit mineralogy; and require alternate credible HREE and CREE processing capabilities.)(postMalaysia debacle) ... (Hykway alluded to this recently; and he's never been wrong ? ... right ??)

- It is my hope; ... and my expectation; ...that management have carefully considered the implications of their actions on the very retail investors of GWMG; ... who have so steadfastly stood by GWMG to this very day !