Tallyup I agree with you 100% "Their timing stinks... " All the questions regarding no announcements of progress with LCM pourings, no announcements of EIA permitting, pending PEA release potentially announcing further funding requirements .... why in the world would they drop this news in the midst of all this uncertainty? It is almost a wakeup call to cover your head.

I could be completely wrong, and hope I am.  Many good points have been made regarding previous GWMG announcements of forthcoming changes ... must say at the very least this is awful timing and (as much as I hate to say it) the PR team could be doing a better job. Maybe unknown personal issues? If this is just lousy timing and lousy PR, they should be ashamed of themselves for scaring the heck out of loyal investors. Please excuse my rant as I'm displeased with communication, share price, and what I perceive as poor treatment of stakeholders.