gwg2retire, not angry, just a bit confused by what is, or is not going on, as usual, since GWM, once again, "says something" without EXPLAINING what it means. I added by default, as I said, with a limit buy order. Again, I'm HOPING that these Canucks are half as smart as you, Ponch, and wwwater (who saw this coming plain as day, yes sireee bob :/ ) and others, seem to think that they are.


My only confidence in this company comes from Jack Lifton's endorsement by owning stock in them, and I look forward to his take. My take on board memebers leaving, seemingly en masse without any real explanation, confusing at best, troubling at worst imo. Still waiting for swammi wwwater to sound off as to what this means, especially since we don't have a long term CEO. With so much of the board off to who knows where, who's looking for the next CEO, ah yes, the search firm??? :/