While everyone seems to be scratching their heads over why the resignations now, I think the answer is staring you in the face. IT'S THE SHARE PRICE AND VOLUME.


Look if your the directors of a company there is some serious onus on you to keep share holders happy and most, given the ever declining share price, were not. Bought financing comes and go, bond issues come and go, warrants come and go unexercised or extended, face it these are not the makings for happy shareholders.


You can take all the wwwaters projections you like and smoke em because Mr. Market does not care about 5 years, 2 years or hell 6 months for that matter. The market like to see a return on it's money and if you can't get down and role around in the mud a little to move the share price then maybe it's time to find the door.


I suspect that our recent new investors have decided to look for someone who will move the share price or liquidate the company at a profit, either way the pressure is not likely to subside for a while.