I've also purchased all the stock I care to. What I am waiting for now is when we start mining, processing and  separating our ore then sending it to LCM and GWTI. From now til then I am just enjoying the ride. Yes like everyone else I would like it to all happen ASAP. Although I am now more focused on what news is next. Will it be the new CEO and who will be the new CEO. Will it be the release of the PEA... Will the new  CEO announce the PEA's release .What will all be covered in the PEA. What will the latest assays reveal and what will be the new expected mine life...Will the amount o gold silver or copper be revealed not that I expect it to be sinificant but want to know. Will there be any significant amounts of potash of any value to sell. What will we be selling to others and to whom will we be selling what we do not need our want. Will our new processing plant start soon as well as the new separation plant. Will the separation plant be cutting edge technology or be what our in house expert patented is that what we are using?  LCM's new furnace has it been shipped yet. Has the first furnace started cranking out the pure flake required by our existing customers. Are they fighting over who gets first dibs? H ave others signed up for future output.  Has GWTI been successful in producing any Y for the DOD. YES, THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO, While I wait for the chain to be complete I enjoy waiting knowing the time is getting closer to production and news has to be revealed. I mean can they wait until they start production before they reveal what is happening no so If they start producing food for LCM by 2014 there is much to do and see in that little time which will make for an exciting year to be part of GWMG..as opposed to any of the others IMO others will be piling in soon. If not they will be watching as we will be the only to be producing  anything of any intrest ...again while the others only sit and wait Ha Ha Ha...lol..as Swifferbrains would say HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!

Do not care what the stock price is because it will be much higher this time next year and I not trading I am just watching and waiting for the only thing that matters and that is producing our own REE for LCMand GWTI.