As you may have heard, the Hostess Bakery Corporation, rumored to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Acme Formaldehyde LLC, reportedly registered in several offshore drop box corporate hidey holes, has declared that it will be ceasing production of their various products, such as Twinkies, Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs etc.  

What worries me is the little known connection between Rare Earth elements, and the characteristics exhibited by these semi-carbon based life forms.  This could reduce the world demand considerably for certain less well known Rare earth elements.  Most of you are aware that  large quantities of La, Ce, Nd etc are consumed annually throughout the world by refineries, glass polishing companies, and the manufacturers of permanent magnets.  Less well known are several other of the 15 lanthanides plus Scandium and Yttrium.  

These little mentioned elements have many uses and potential uses not as well known.  While unstable Promethium's meager 2.6 year half-life is inadequate to power space probes or atomic batteries for electric cars, it could easily be used to cause that cool radio-active glow in babie's pacifiers, allowing them to be easily found by the little darlings in the dark, reducing the number of times new parents are awakened during the night.  The working life of approximately 5 years of decent illumination would be enough for most children.  Manufacturers would actually see this as a form of inevitable "planned obsolescence", and require a new Binkie for each child born, as hand-me-downs would be much reduced.  It has been rumored that Twinkies incredible shelf life can be attributed to the use of Promethium treating of the cardboard packaging base, which, once the product is sealed within it's air tight cellophane packaging, irradiates the spongecake and secret formula "cream" filling for the first few years, keeping the air within the package ionized and bacteria free as well.  If LCM, or more likely, GWTI, does produce Promethium powder for this customer, where can they find another with the level of demand represented by millions of packages of the perfect yellow snack food?  I sense danger ahead for the bottom line.  You know that "powdered sugar" on donettes?  Does it glow in the dark?  Just a little?

There's more....It now seems likely that there will not be a "Green Lantern" sequel to the not-so-blockbuster movie.  Why is this a problem for GWMG?  Surely you know that Twinkies had a commercial tie-in with the Green Lantern group.   Surely you are also aware that Thulium,  atomic number 69, is so far best known as an excellent emitter of certain parts of the green spectrum better than any other element, and this is prized by the lighting and movie industry?  I suspect the rumors of ROW stockpiling of this element, likely produced by LCM, will never be sold, and have to be written off, damaging both the companies bottom line, and it's reputation for anticipating uses for the "least significant element there is" as stated by noted element authority John Emsley.

One additional possible hit that GWMG may have to take, and, just possibly the real reason for it's recent SP slide, as well as MCP and Lynas, which were rumored to be even more heavily committed, is the critical use of Ytterbium.  The recent public acknowledgment that Ytterbium is a doping agent in not just some, but many, lasers, has triggered a possible US congressional investigation(closed doors), and several less stable governments may be forced to the brink of new elections following startling revelations.  The recent scandal relating to similar charges in the Lance Armstrong hearings, which did not end well, has spread to the ROW REE sector, and panic is only just below what appears to be a surface of calm and tranquility, if you disregard MCP's problems with the SEC.  

Here's the problem.  Some Hostess products, not saying Twinkies exactly, but not ruling them out, are processed, and the packaging sealed, by laser processes.  If the efficiency of those processes were "hyped" by doping agents secretly embedded in the lasers themselves, rather than natural lasers, as nature intended, then the whole empire of snacks, bankrupt or not, stands ready to be stripped of it's awards and retired in utter disgrace, taking certain suppliers of those doping products, possibly including GWMG, down to ruin and shame.  Who knows what damage to the company will result from these potential charges!  

So beware, potential stockholder.  Be on guard, long term investor.  Look behind you, day trading quantum computer trader.  The demise of Twinkies may just be the first domino to fall in the long line of companies whose future expansion relies heavily on the less well known REE elements, GWMG, seemingly so full of promise, may be one of them.  Pray that it is not, if you have belief in a higher power, or doom and ruin may overcome your dreams of profitable return and a climbing share price.

Or not.