We've all seen magicians.  They make you think things that aren't true are happening.  This is made easier right now because Lynas and MCP have S!$t the bed.  Lots of big question marks.  

Its guy check time for some.  Your DD and trust in that is key.  The only official information from the company is positive.  (Slow granted) but nonetheless it confirms positive events.  

So if positive things are happening in a down market and there is tight little inexpensive drops in a SP at the close what's the real logical reason for the drop?

I think Secor said "patience".  That's the only way to win.  

Have a great weekend all.  Our time is coming.  They'll want to make sure they make money on everything purchased on the way down.   And hey don't we have almost our market cap in the bank right now ....  Ooh so scary !