wwwater - It is nothing less than amazing how this board has degraded and, yes, it is getting much more like the totally useless Yahoo boards.  There is a new army of social misfits who see this as a vehicle for merely being noticed and for working to make themselves on-line celebrities in their own mind.  I think that making the board less usable also is a primary objective.  In the long run I assume they will drive away legit posters with a real interest in investing and exchanging ideas and links just as they have on the Yahoo boards.  With a stock such as GWM with its outstanding potential, driving people away from the board is an extreme form of bashing.  There also is a resident group among regular posters here with their own predilection to weirdness and the new arrivals also bring them out more often with their own juvenile and useless posts as the standard on the board slips.  I don't think this group is working to make the board less useless but rather are just lonely people with too much time on their hands who are over-dependent on this board for their "social life".  Amazing to me are those who concern themselves with who posters are or aren't.  Myself, I don't care who a poster is or isn't, I just want to judge if what they have to say has value or not.  In a democracy everyone has a voice, even the nut jobs and the bored.