My gratitude to Maverick for my acceptance within your trusted inner circle of peers on GWG Group.  I feel humbled and appreciative.  After my first day included and several hours of perusing  I would like to offer my congratulations to Maverick as the founder and designer of the GWG Group  for a exceptionally well   constructed and comprehensive design which encourages professionalism and appropriate intentions. I feel appreciative to be included and look forward to my much needed learning to be gained from GWG Group.   


I was sorry to read of your note yesterday, Maverick,  advising interested parties the group stock challenge was off.   My condolences for a valiant attempt to utilize the existing resources and make a difference.  Perhaps there may be other methods utilizing similar means.   

I have read and watched on the sidelines for perhaps a year or more on several of the boards before jumping in to participate in this new format called ‘ posting’.  I have come to appreciate certain individuals  who stand out,  not because they know the most, not because they write the best but because they are not afraid to own an individual mind and yet more importantly have the skill and wisdom to choose when to share this mind and when not….those are the true leaders.

Maverick you are true to your name…hats off!  

For those of you who have not gained the benefit of this informative well outlined site I highly recommend you request entry   with intent to respect