I believe wwwater or someone made a reference to using XRT ore sorting equipment at the Steens mine to increase the mechanical sorting efficiency, which in turn will also increase the efficiency of the concentration facility prior to shipment to GWGQD for separation.  

The article from last month linked below indicates some really excellent results obtained by testing by Ucore, who sent samples to Germany to see how well the equipment would work on their ore.  As most here are aware, the Bokan Mtn mine is similar to Steens in that it is a vein type hard rock formation, so results may be similar for Steens ore, only with Steen's higher grade to begin with.  Another argument for Steens being a low cost producer, despite the partially higher hard rock mining costs.  Here is a key paragraph from the release:

"Three one tonne samples from alternative locations within the deposit were sent to Commodas Ultrasort of Wedel, Germany and processed by a full-scale production dual energy x-ray transmission sorter. Results show that 46% of the feed could be rejected as waste with 93% recovery of rare earth oxides. This indicates the potential to have a significant positive effect on the capital and operating costs of the project." 

Here is the link to the whole article:http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ucore-confirms-effectiveness-xrt-ore-145000573.html