Here's what Jim said in an email to me earlier today.     I followed up asking if this was confidential and he responded it was not a confidential issue and would be announced shortly.   So, I felt I could post this and alert everyone regarding the planned webcast.    I won't go into detail on my email to Jim other than to say I voiced some of the recent concerns that have been discussed on this board ... and to my way of thinking, Jim's comment that "things are going well" is indicative of progress being made on all fronts.     Unfortunately, we're battling the headwinds caused by an out-of-favor commodity group ... and this should correct as we progress through next year.


Thanks for your email and your concerns. We are planning on doing a webcast sometime next week which will be announced this week as to time and from that we will be able to update on key issues. Things are going well with the exception of the overall market , but we still continue to better than all the rest of the RE exploration companies out there. Dwight will be bale to forward you some of those charts showing that. I know that is a lot of concern if you look at us in isolation but you can't do that in todays market place and expect to get a realistic view. Anyway hope to hear from you on the webcast.
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