Gowest Gold 50% IRR @ $1200 gold from the PEA looking more and more real and still a table pounder. Gowest just added a huge talent to an already strong technical team. With Johns credibility, he can look the market in the eye and say ( no problem, Ive done this before, Gowest has no problems processing the refractory, and they will set up a successful autoclave here in Timmins) The autoclave would be part of Phase2 additional to the 3RD party option and not necessary in the 50% IRR plan. Gowest already has a perfect size, excellent shape autoclave under contract from the Con Mine, purchased for near scrap cost that they should be moving shortly. Additional to saving millions, this will save the 2 years build time required for a new one. 

You gotta ask, Why would a person of Johns caliber become involved with Gowest? Would it be the fun and challenge of working with good people in a budding successful company, or the 200k options at .12 that he thinks will net a nice reward?