Alternative are reading waaaayyyy too much into these drill holes.  The reasons why the project Geologist plots drill hole collars is varied.  They can be geological targets (i.e. encouraging rock outcrop trench or grab sampling), they could be to cover a geochemical (soil) anomaly, they could be to intersect a geophysical (EM/MAG/IP) conductor, they could be attempting to push a hole father, or drill under a previously drilled hole because of something they visually saw at or near the bottom of a hole, or they could be simply stepping out to test a zone along a projected strike and/or driving a hole across an undrilled section to analyze the geology in that area.  To try and understand why each hole was drilled, is an impossibility without all of the data at your disposal.  I highly doubt there is anything 'devious' going on with respect to where and why they drilled any particular hole and/or with respect to the timing of releasing drill hole assays.  It's going to take considerable more drilling on the multiple targets they have before any definitive model can be developed with respect to orientation of zones.  My map is simply MY interpretation of the zones in this area based on a quick compilation of a minimum ammount of data.  In the end, my intrepetaion may be completely wrong.  I will continue to follow results as everyone else is, but to try and speculate the placement of holes and throw out notions of management being somewhat scrupulous of where and why they drilled in a particular location and/or why they didn't release a hole at a particular time seems a bit over the top to me.