Birdman, Thank you for your reply. I understand your position now.

This board at times seen like the Wild West or perhaps the Twilight Zone, where the truth is not always out there.

My demeanor is not hostility but disappointment. Mainly at the poor showing of the jr golds and especially GTA. I sold 80% of my position when it when up, so it’s not that I have a financial axe to grind. I like most want GTA to post some great drill results and get going again.

What I find troubling is when one tries to understand the cryptic posts and read obvious inaccuracies. New to the board is not the same as “have very little understanding”.

I may be wrong but, my perception was:  you ask an innocent question based on “I’m new”, then out comes the maps and the STK and CBS talk (which may be helpful) ... but may not be genuine and skewed towards subtle salesmanship.

There are without doubt individuals on this board that seen very knowledgeable in mining exploration and geology and some are very helpful which is great. It’s just with the huge asymmetries of information that exist members need to be careful in judging what is said.

So I apologize for coming off too strong and do appreciate the time you spent answering the question.