Has the Birdman forgotten that he has posted on this GTA board about 10 times previously in July and June 2012. That he has previously posted questions and had discussions about GTA's previous drilling?

"I am a complete newcomer to GTA, and have not done a real review of all of the past discovery data....

Who are you kidding? Are you scamming to have your STK or CBS properties viewed?

What do you have to say Birdman?

Then Prospector answers as if he has no idea who you are. Like he hasn't answered you before (and he has, look it up). With that nice map that he gave us and that subtle mention of STK.

Birdman you should have asked that question with a different ID. All the other pumpers do.

Birdman wrote July 11,2012

Prospector,, as a follow up to your comments to Brahma and Alternative, I would be interested in anything more you have to say about the geology of how an ore body like the Afric Zone is formed, the significance of the rocks that are there, and how they combine to form what appears like a pretty unique, potentially large formation. How does a formation like the Afric zone, differ from the typical iron formation like may be present at Little Bear. What are some of the other deposits, that have this common presentation of a porphyry within or near the mineralized units carrying the gold, which you indicate is shared by Hemlo and the Afric zone, closer to Schreiber?


And July 9,2012

I think AlternateView's guess on timing for starting of the new drill program, then the release of drill results on about 7/23, followed by the PP a few days later makes the most sense, and certainly suggests that the results will be strong.  This suggests that the delay is most likely to allow time to get the details of the PP in place, so it could be timed to correspond to any upside move in the share price due to strong assay results.

   I am still hoping that when the new assays are available, that someone here might respond to my earlier question about what can be said about the rough size of the ore body, based on the data produced so far, for newcomers who are not well versed on what may have been offered on this earlier.


There are many many more.