The Afric Zone is the term used to identify a large section of altered and fractured felsic intrusive that has a SW-NE orientation across the bottom half of the GTA property.  Within this 'zone' are multiple cross-cutting quartz veins, of which the Caly and Audney veins have been the most notable to date.  While these quartz veins can contain very high quantities of gold, it is the larger envelope of lower grade mineralization within the intrusive that has the potential for building large tonnage.  Collectively, this lower grade material, coupled with the higher (but narrow) grade vein structures add up to 1-3 g/t gold over the entire width of the 'zone'. 


Previous work by both Noranda and Cyprus identified parallel alteration zones, similar to the Afric Zone.  Zone #2 lies to the south (hangingwall) of the Afric, while Zone #3 lies further south yet.  Zone #5 appears to be the extension of the Afric to the NE.  Zone #2 is a parallel alteration zone to the north (footwall) of the Afric Zone.  These outlying zones have not been as thoroughly examined as the Afric zone itself although GTA has recently been stepping out to test some of these (holes pending).


It seems likely the Afric Zone will continue onto the Strike Minerals holdings.  GTA's most south-westerly test of the Afric Zone is but 200 meters from STK's boundary.  Strike has yet to mobilize a drill onto their property.


Considerable more drilling is required to better understand these alteration zones and I suspect that additional high grade veins will be encountered in future drilling both within the Afric Zone and outlying Zones.  I have plotted the most southwesterly holes to date by GTA to show the location of recent drilling.  The Caly and Audney veins have been plotted to show their orientation with respect to the Afric Zone (see map).


Hope that helps.