I am a complete newcomer to GTA, and have not done a real review of all of the past discovery data, but I am surprised at the extent of the selloff on recent assays. I understood that the real attraction of the Northshore project was the prospects of combining high grade veins, with lowwer to medium grade tonnage potential as well, and the intrusion discovery expands. Holes 21, 22, 23 and 25 to the NE of the two main zones seemed like they confirmed the model of additional lower grade tonnage. Hole 25, for example, with .28 g/t over 344 M was apparently disappointing in comparasion to the high grade veins, but seemed significant, given the fact that it looked like a significant step out  to the NE. Hole 26 and 27 also looked like significant step outs to the SW, and hole 26, with .34 g/t over 269 M also seemed significant, particularly with hole #27 being a additional step out even further SW. It also looked like hole 19 (50 degrees to the SE) with .41 g/t over 112 M must also have represented a significant confirmation of Audney vein extending to the West. I have no idea where the ore body is open in any direction, but to the newcomer, it seemed like these lower grade intercepts were more encouraging than the market reaction suggested, particularly with the amount of cash in the bank. I may well be missing something here, and people may not want to rehash things that have been spelled out before, but I would be interested to hear form others on the subject of the strength of the drill data so far, what it implies about the intrusive system, and the recent market reaction.