"They still have great potential, a lot of land and 27 mil to drill another 35 to 40 holes. Having said that, as far as their recent discovery, the latest drill holes are saying the ore body is very small."

You heard it HERE!  The orebody IS very nsmall...

It always amazes me that these kind of knowing statements are made from so far away... well I guess the "wisdom" in this statement depends on "what the meaning of the word IS is".

There are quite a few others who understand that this exploration business IS a process.  Disappoinbting holes are a part of this process.  For every seller yesterday there was a buyer, I bought back shares at $1.30 that I sold at over $2 when my position had doubled in value.

A news release IS a snapshot in TIME

Look, for me this is what IS important today... MONEY IS TIME... to spin a phrase.  I see that Dave has a lot of time in his pocket.  Remember, this exploration effort is a PROCESS, one to be judged in the light of lots of data and given  $27 million worth of time IMO. 

The panic yesterday was limited IMO mostly to those who play this game as "in and out" players or those who follow a newletters advice faithfully.  Don't get me wrong, anyone without a technical background better be listening to some who DOES, but remember that newsletter writers and gurus can get it wrong. 

This news relerase has positive news in it.  The NBFZ IS growing in size,  mineralization  closer to the surface was found,  They are drilling at 100 m spacing.  All of the drill holes are drilled angled east,  IMO they have drilled angled to the east because they were looking for the eastern boubdary of the system.  I suggested to Dave that some be drilled angled back in a westerly direction against the apparent dip of the rocks.  Dave indicated that drilling angled to the west was someting they were considering.

This deflation in price was easy to predict IMO.  The rest of the junior market was at or below 25% of last years values, field activity, even in Nevada exploration had slowed way down, GSV had bucked this trend for months, one of the few,.  It was clear that ONLY a homerun would satisfy this overstretched and flighty momentum investor....besides MOST junior investors are scared... 

SOLO Homeruns are a rare thing, especially in the Carlin Trend.  Dave has just taken just a few pitches from this Railroad pitcher, we are just entering the middle innings, way too early to say this game is over, I AM NOT LEAVING MY SEAT! 

As with any junior explorer, the risk is in them not finding what may or may not be in the ground, in this case, IMO the scales are tipped by data that favors them finding what they are looking for.

Not investment Advice, DYODD