I'm referring to the occasional post that crops up on this board from the likes of BigMoney, Oilburner & Neddie --- all of whom appear to date back to when this company was a floundering battery story.  That story apparently didn't go so well for them.  Fortunately the people involved back then are gone now (or at least little more than figureheads at this point) but it hasn't stopped these three from coming back once in a while to share their unabated bitterness.


So yes, like a deer in the headlights I think most of us got caught pretty good on this one.  But posts from those three are reminders that there are worse situations out there.  But importantly, I don't think this story is done just yet.  Waiting patiently for mid-summer to roll around.  Even nibbling on a few shares while at this price but overall wishing the opportunity to nibble wasn't there.