Thanks kdm, I am always hard on myself..only sold about 10% of my stake and only in the sixties, as I was waiting for good drill results and was ill informed ( probably my own fault ) and thought the drill program was going to be about 5 times larger than it was.


I knew it would be small, but not that small, and few knew they would change horses in the middle of the stream


I keep making the same mistakes over and over, and will hold again until AFTER post drilling results come out  2013, but will probably take more out this time on the upswing


waiting like that is a is a very tenuous at best endevour, but that's gambelling


to call a spade a spade, LOTS of folks on this Board have superior trading strategies to mine,


 just say'n            

but its just money, and never as bad as the stick in the head Brashear took from Mc Sorley,


or the TRAGIC and very unfortunate case of Rick R, R.I.P.