"and us Canucks are double screwed, because whenever we do manage to make a few bucks on the Ponzi TSXV, our taxes are so much higher than our American cousins pay, like more than  twice as much on capital gains and dividends"


As an American cousin, selling GSR for a tax loss early next year makes more sense to me. Long or short, my capital gains tax is going to be higher next year than this year. With lower tax rates this year, I'm opting for less in the area of taking losses and more in the way of taking profits. Especially as it pertains to longterm gains. In the area of short term tax consequences of which GSR falls into on my account, I should be able to exit, satisfy the wash rule and get back in prior to the 2013 Yukon season. This presupposes, however, that I take and or generate some short term gains in early 2013. Admittedly, however, things are not exactly looking good across the board as it pertains to the equity markets (ie: major sell off is a distinct risk). Hence, I may regret this decision of mine as cash preservation may soon be the name of the game.