WOW!! thanks for enlightening (many of us) about High frequency trading, apparantly starting ( according to the article you attached ) OCT  19 1987

I do remember that date, because it was my birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! and I knew that  losing my modest .75 million fortune recently on the V in no time flat was not just because I became a terrible investor after doing well for 20 years or so with the blue chips

Lots of the mistakes were mine, but you do get held hostage by low volume on many of these plays on the V, and cannot sell at market  ( or at all really in many cases )obviously, or you get slaughtered


and then one day... its all gone with the wind so to speak..and the Government says.. ( Quite frankly Scarlet, we don't give a darn!!) 

Check out Barkerville Gold ( BGM ), flatlined for 6 months, now the President Frank Callahan is lending the company over 2 million  ( for wages etc. ) at 20 PERCENT  INTEREST !!!  OUTRAGEOUS

People like me are nothing but cannon fodder for those " in the know"

After all the V is just an elaborate PONZI ( Pyramid scheme ), those that get in first and out first win, and the other 98% hold the bag. HFT is the vehicle, and folks like me are the mats the rich walk over on the way to the bank

I am NOT bitter here, just seeing the V for what it is, a PONZI of the highest order that is manipulated at the highest offices of the land, with tacit government approval through a lack of knowledge on HOW TO STOP IT at worst, or apathy at best

Well it can't be stopped. The V will slowly deteriorate right before our eyes here, and now has a reputation on par with the "prestigious" pink sheets, if we are lucky

The smart ones use the V to sell and lessen their tax load for the dough they make on the blue chip dividends, which they don't have to watch like a hawk

it forces the V folks to buy market depth to sell or buy, another big scam that drains what little is left

so must of us have NO CHANCE.

The V is a tax loss haven par excellance, and a money maker for the VERY SELECT FEW.


flushed out and pink with envy