Heck, GSR is only down 80% or so.. GZD, my only other play on the V went down another 25% yesterday, so it has gone from 68 to 7.5 cents this year..and I got me a shade under a  million shares of this brilliant play


So GSR is "winning" by at least 10% in the battle of meltdowns, well golly geeee


makes me feel better, as I move from Boardwalk to some pissssy yellow house on a street whose name escapes me

lots of crack houses on this street I see


oh well, the view is free


Why do I post innane topics like this, well it ain't for me,


its to show YOU  what a proper attitude is in the V, one can suffer a world class meltdown, and still enjoy a nice cup of tea


cause I get all the lumps ( of coal )  i would ever need on the V

a 90% meltdown, for all to see

so you can laugh, along with me


cause this anonomous poster


says woe is not me...its just money honey


they overturned the outhouse while i was inside, what a smell from hell