in Thailand that means "suit yourself".. it is a great saying, because it essentially means if you mess up, it is your OWN  fault, hahahahaha...

one big SOM NOM NAAAA for this author, whose portfolio, since leaving the relatively safe confines of the blue chips and "joining" the venture is as follows..

Dec 32 2012: portfolio: $781,000

Today:  less than $80,000   ( on paper )   a veritable WORLD CLASS MELTDOWN

I went from being a decent investor over a 20 year period  to  being one of the worst investors EVER in 2 years of VENTURING forth of the VENTURE

I figure I'm gonna write a book about THE VENTURE AND STOCKS LIKE GSR, using a Norwegian alias of course..

and the book is titled     " SLIDING DOWN THE BANNISTER"



and oh what a slipperly slope it is, and keeping the humour intact to boot



and the book will be called " SLIDING  DOWN THE BANISTER"