Time is money, and we get 75% less of it ( time ) in the Yukon, therefore the stock, much to our great chagrin..


will be much more volatile in nature on the downside especially, given the                                           vagaries of the investor as discussed ad nauseum on this board

like BAAAAAAAAA for sheep, and not sure what sound lemmings make as they enthusiastically follow each other off the CLIFF..


  into the  abyss of the black hole of which there is little chance of getting out save for GREAT DRILLING RESULTS

Another TSXV stock I own has been slaughterered even "better" than GSR, and that is GZD..


they drilled ONE hole and found up to 31% potash ( over a foot ), but the ONE hole was not  deemed economical



just prior they  refused to take money offered for a placement at 50 cents, and now they are at 10 cents..


and cannot raise money no WAY JOSE.. so we are FFFFF'd


my point is the president blames the "WORLD ECONOMY " on the stock woes of GZD..a CROCK


and I say NO, NO, a hundred times No!

The TSXV is not an animal that flourishes on good or bad world economic news 99.9% of the time..


.. it is PURELY and ONLY the DRILL RESULTS, and the concomitant investor hype or lack therof pre and post news releases


thats why a few   CAN STILL        make good money on poor  TSXV stocks, yet we have no idea about the outcome of GSR going forward


and that is it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth sir she said



" echhhh, this is a little nauseating", said the Judge as he bangs down the gavel.. "GUILTY  AS CHARGED",     followed by a stampede for the exits