..yes it has been grossly oversold, and the problem now is that is was SO OVERSOLD that it is now in the perilous position ..


..of being shoved face first into the ground again if it ever does a double from here, , then summarily kicked in the groin and teeth a few MORE  times for good measure..


.. and then when it is down and out..it is kicked in the head a few more times, just to make sure it stays down for a LONG TIME..


.. and the bottom line is it now needs great drilling results next year JUST  to achieve a DOUBLE from where it has been forced down..


..so expect the bottom of 18 /  19 cents or so here coming up, and we will be lucky to see


a 38 to 40 cent high in 2013, albeit only briefly, then the day traders will rush in and take their LITTLE profit, slink back into the woodwork, and PRESTO..


.. we will need one hell of  good drilling season in 2013 to get this thing anywhere near 40 cents

so you folks salivating to get more at this bargain price, a double will be about the best you will see in 2013

I want it at a buck too, but realistically..we are far from out of the woods, and like little red riding hood..


.. the wolves are unfortunately right around the corner, ready to eat up any small gains forthcoming in 2013



desperately want to be proven wrong though

pity that