"Now no one is even posting on this site."


That hasn't stopped you from posting!


Entertainment values aside, a stock message board also serves to discuss relevant issues as it pertains to the stock. In the case of GSR, what is there to talk about? GSR has already restructured its property portfolio, cut costs and identified drill targets for the upcomming season. The open ended question going forward is how much will drilling cost and how much will have to be raised in the equity markets to finance the same. Those questions will eventually be answered but most likely not until spring when the Yukon season begins and gold prices are much higher (coupled with investor enthusiasm for the same). In the meantime, I think we have 45 or so more days of tax selling to deal and contend with as it pertains to GSR. End of year tax selling aside, there is also first of the year tax selling to take into consideration. Once satisfied, there may be some winter doldrums like the month of February but things like a little buying action will pick up once again. How much this effects the stock price is anyone's guess but even the most conservative stance suggests a bounce higher. Thereafter, GSR's fate will reside with drilling results reported. Finding gold aside, one unique aspect of GSR is the potential of near surface gold as evidenced by "wire gold" in one of the grab samples. What befalls those outcomes are unknown to all. Til then, and in the meantime, might I suggest sitting back with a cold one as you watch some hockey. It's apt to be very boring around here and for some time.