Your estimate of GSR in May 2013 would please the GSR investors of all stripes


but in this market of diminishing returns and increased volatility, with this pattern established and well entenched since October/November 2008

it is like shock waves eminating out, but in an inverse manner, getting smaller, and with increasingly lower highs and lower lows


but we are very  likely to see, on quite decent to good gold drilling results ( assuming in this model a  5000 meter or so 2013 drill program over the areas they will drill ) another spike ( the first one in 2010 went to about 92 cents, and this year to about 81 cents)

to the neighborhood of 70 cents or so.. then again.. here comes into play the dominating inherent forces of the present day markets, day traders salivating at relatively paltry capital gains, who can blame them, its been slim pickin's for most..


.. and then quickly down to the 40's, that is if the drill results are decent

its like fishing, 10% of the good fisherman catch 90% of the fish, and the other 90% gets 10% of the catch 

same same on the ventures, the 10% or so ( probably WAY less ) that made money on this last run up are generally ( luck aside ) the cream of the crop of investors ( of which this writer rarely if ever fits into that camp, haha ), saavy types, then you have the manipulation from brokerage firms.. nothin' we can do about that

so in this modern age of instant communication, increased hyperactivity and wont of instant gratification at all levels of society ( ADHD rates in kids skyrocketing ), reflected in the markets ever increasing magnified volatility..


so in this atmosphere

..our little play here has little chance of gaining momentum unless the drill results are spectacular, then it will still be every man for himself to judge his own greed or fear at the end of the day



Please drill at least 10 grams per ton over 20 meters, or even 2 grams per ton over 100 meters on the surface would suffice for now, as they have a lot of area to drill and will not get to all of it next year for sure, never mind the new finds they may discover next year