I have keep reminding this bullboard of the mis-information that not available, this one avoid at all costs in my opinion and with my many years experience in the markets. I have seen this before but told in different ways over the years, the hype and the truth are intermixed.   As for the lastest tests on the recoveries well that is easy to explain. The veins are quartz rich with very little graphitic material whereas the host rock is full of it. The company keeps hyping about the "open pit potential" but that would include the graphitic gneisses, hence known for many years that graphite can be a mine killer. for example The Carolin Gold mine near hope BC closed because the recoveries are not there because of the graphite, Sure this company is getting the recoveries from the little rinky dinky quartz veins but what should happen is a bulk test before any more money is spent on exploration. Enough has been spent already so what is the reason to spend more and wasting good money after bad........Is it because everytime they come across another en echelon vein they have to drill it across the widest point to get the best result for market hyping?  Enough is enough on this one, bulk testing should be asked "when"? and why not?   As for the area, it is an agricultural community I am sure the residents of the area would just love a cyanide heap leach pad in their backyard especially with the odd tropical rainstorm that could easily take out the pond and pollute the farm area.

So avoid target is still under a dime

on target everytime with a bullseye (!)