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Golden Reign Resources Ltd V.GRR

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Golden Reign Resources, Ltd. is engaged in the exploration and development of precious metals and mineral assets in Nicaragua.
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RE:What does Larry say????

Whose Larry?  rate and reply
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What does Larry say????

Has his expert report come out yet?????LOL!!!!! Too funny!!!!!  rate and reply
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Too bad they have no clue on strip ratios or economics

Well the Easter Bunny is coming, maybe EB will lend a hand.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:News soon..!

You bet ferraton, gold recovery from centrifugal and cyanide, tests return high values and not bad for Ag as well. This is starting to grow legs as I see it! Vancouver, BC / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / March 27,...read more
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RE:News soon..!

It just has. Metallurgy results.  rate and reply
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News soon..!

somethings gotta come out quick here.. :-/  rate and reply
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RE:Wexford comfy huh? So were Bre X investors new id

Nice try Frankie. Surely you must know that comparing BreX investors to Wexford is using the old "apples and oranges" trick. BreX investors had nothing to go on other than what the company published....read more
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Many hedge fund, mutual funds have invested blindly

If some of the clueless behind the investments understood the markets and gold company all in costs like Barrick at one time their costs at one mine was MINUS - $50.00/per ounce due to credits have...read more
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Wexford comfy huh? So were Bre X investors new id

That's why we have NI 43-101 standards these days instead of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and the Sugar Plum fairy. Anyone buying gold stocks these days without Feasibility reports or at least a PEA...read more
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Frankie - reread my post from 2/28

The only economic analysis that is pertinent is that done by Wexford. Same goes for the resource estimate - Wexford have reviewed the 1 /12 year old resource estimate and everything done since and...read more
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RE:Remember NO economic analysis for this project

Well at least the Easter Bunny and the Sugar Plum Fairy will be coming to give a hand with the guesswork. From the Tech Report: 15.0 MINERAL RESERVE ESTIMATES This section is not applicable to...read more
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RE:Last Tech report showed only 95k ind. the rest INFERRED

Why? Maybe because they no economic studies done here and they only has 95k indicated and the rest INFFERED the lowest catagory for a resource, and their aim is to run around and "hope" for a sweet...read more
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You have missed nothing! But...look at what the market and the investment community knows. An LOI has been signed. A great first step as it is apparent someone shares the vision. But it is *only* an...read more
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I've been trying to get my mind around someone selling GRR at 19or 20 pennies since the Feb. 26 news release. All I can come up with: a) they completely missed the announcement b) they saw it but...read more
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GOLD - Honest Money

In 1971 the minimum wage in the US was $1.60 per hour, the price of gold was $40.62 per ounce. This meant it took 25.4 hours of labour to earn 1 ounce of gold. In 2014 the minimum wage is $7.25 and...read more
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Level II

Could someone post the Level II information please!?  rate and reply
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2014 Economic Freedom report on Nicaragua

This is an interesting website where you can compare countries by their so called economic freedom. http://www.heritage.org/index/country/nicaragua Nicaragua’s economic freedom score is 58.4...read more
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Moving forward

Dore bars right!  Sending for processing to the north? who is north? B2 Mining is south. 8 of us from - N.Van, NE Cgy, SW Edm, Pr. Albert, Sask, & Reg. from 2010 -2012 had collected or received...read more
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RE:RE:RE:November PP closed

I would not worry your pretty little head about the gremlins making the company take down historical references. The point is the Charles Butters checklist was completed 99.9% and the results speak...read more
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RE:RE:November PP closed

So a simple mining plan here:  couple of front end loaders/shovels, couple of dump trucks, lots of man held picks and shovels with wheel barrows, focus on stripping away overburen from a very shallow...read more