Antimony prices have more than tripled since the beginning of 2009, as the supply from China has tightened. With China accounting for 90% of world production and growing domestic demand, consumers outside of China are increasingly concerned that the squeeze in antimony supply will continue and prices could rise further.


The outlook for future antimony supply from China is a real concern with experts predicting that Chinese antimony reserves could be exhausted in the next twenty five years. China’s efforts to control its dwindling reserve base and implement environmental controls have resulted in mining and export quotas being slashed.


Reserves of high-grade antimony ore in China’s Hunan province are reported to be close to exhaustion and many smelters in Guangxi province have closed due to pollution issues. As a result an increasing proportion of China’s antimony production is dependent on imported concentrates.


New production is being developed outside of China but much of this is still at the exploration and development stage and will not contribute to supply for some years to come.


Demand for antimony, particularly from its use in flame retardants, the production of PET bottles and batteries is strongly linked to consumer buying. As prosperity in China increases, the Chinese domestic market will increasingly need the antimony that China produces, leaving less for export.


As material supplies are squeezed and prices rise, more substitutes will be developed and recycling will play a greater role.


Despite the price rises new end-uses like the use of antimony in solar panels for generating green energy have been developed and promoted by the Chinese government.


World Antimony 2012 is expected to attract over 100 delegates and is the only global conference on antimony. The meeting will look at the supply and demand fundamentals and try to answer the question as to whether there will be sufficient supplies of antimony to meet current and future demand. We will look at Chinese domestic demand and the effect of the European debt crisis on the market as well as assessing what a tripling of the price means for the market in terms of new production, substitution, recycling and new uses.


World Antimony 2012 is the only global conference on antimony and will give you a unique opportunity to better understand the sector and its supply and demand fundamentals.


Companies attending include:


Atlantic Canada Antimony

3N International Inc

Campine N.V.

China Flame Retardants Society

Compagnie Minière de Seksaoua

Eternal Win Metal Ltd.

F.W. Hempel Metallurgical GmbH

FAM Int'l Corp

Great Atlantic Resources

Hainan Sinoti Investment Co., Ltd.

HJM Resources Co.,Ltd.

Hunan Zhongnan Antimony & Trading Trading Co, Ltd.

Jean Goldschmidt International Co., Ltd.

K-Antimony Ltd.

Lambert Metals International Ltd


Metimexco sarl

METPROC Holdings Ltd.

Midas Gold Corp.

Minas de Honduras, S.A

Penfold Limited

Providence Capital, Inc.

RusAnt Limited

Scandinavian Steel AB

Shenzhen Jiefu Industry Development Co.


U.S. Antimony Corporation

Uda Investment Co., Ltd.