Thank you. But its rather common expectation that gqc will perform far better with their more refined ip testing as they have already found two not large but enormous targets, one which values double the conductivity values as the original Romero finding so remember the pic of the core from hole 94...saying what a start. Just imagine the probability of this stock hitting well over the 52 week high. And when....likely within 2 months. And then potentially it could absolutely soar beyond that quite easily. Try finding anywhere a stock trading at a fraction of the actual speculative value this one has. Won't last for much longer that much is certain. I'm waiting on my bonus from my work to go completely 100% all in on gqc. My only concern is I get it too late. As soon as it pops that's game over. This time there will be no repeat of last year. These guys have the big guns out and the targets are too big to be any concern. >