While the results will be whatever they will be, it is a fact that hole 123 is about 30 meters S.E. of hole 96 with 188.5 meters of 3 g AU and 30 meters S.W. of hole 100 with 122.7 of 2.6 g AU and 30 meters N.W. of hole 103 with 231.6 meters of 2g AU.


Is this just a hole drilled to assure good results?  Is it an infill hole that is needed for eventual calculation of resources?  I don't know.  I believe management drills where they need to drill, and is not playing games.

I also know I know nothing about geology and that the results of the surrounding holes may mean nothing about what hole 123's results.


I respect your asking a question without revealing what answer you might have wanted, but when others have answered if they do, please let us know what is behind the question?