Your post says: " Previous drilling was less than 90 meters deep and to the west of the anomaly by several hundered meters. Apparently there are other targets of interest also,   BTW Pueblo Viejo is two seperate, non connected,  pits not just one."

All this is true, the previous Escandalosa (and Hondo) results came from relatively shallow holes...not deep enough to go through the anomaly  to the east, ref.  example of the x-section of the area is shown in the link provided by the previous poster (bulrush). In fact, the old drilling stopped short oward the east and also in depth (the drill appeared to have either missed or just touched the top of the anomaly). So, if we believe in the "follow the anomaly theory" then it would appear that there is room for Escandolosa resource to increase quite significantly. 

Going north toward Hondo and looking west, there is another large pink blob that may be worth sinking some deep drill into.

In all, the entire area (including the "underdeveloped" area linking Escandolosa and Hond) seems to be part of a system. It may not be a continuous or connecting to a common mother lode at depth, but who would care, as long as we have a resource in the order Barrick has at PV (approaching 30MozAu, at 2 separate pits). I would even take half of that, i.e. 15Moz for Escandolosa, Hondo and Romero combined. Let's see, 15Moz x $50/oz = $750M/144Ms = $5.20/s, too high for some? How about 10Moz which gives $3.50/s, too low?

Just speculating and playing with  "what if" game, before flying to some warmer place for some R&R.