These latest results are very encouraging geologically and prove that the mineralized system has scale but given the current zombie markets it will require some sizzle to get this stock at the higher valuation it deserves. The original IP survey appears successful in outlining the mineralized envelope but thus far doesn't seem to have the resolution necessary to identify any additional high grade zones within the envelope comparable to the hole 90 discovery zone. Perhaps the new IP will be more successful in this regard. But in the interim we need a better understanding of the high grade zone. We should take a page out of Newstrike's (NES) book where they have put a lot of delineation holes in their high grade gold breccia zone surrounded by a lower grade halo. To their credit they have maintained a market cap exceeding $200,000,000, in part, by releasing at least one good drill result through their breccia on a regular basis. We need to take a rig or two and  put more holes at various angles through our high grade zone to determine its geometry and chase it down while at the same time pursuing the larger IP envelope and deeper zones. There is a lot of room to delineate our high grade zone and add some serious ounces without overdrilling it. Without a constant reminder to this docile market of our high grade material, it may become disinterested and that will mean greater dilution on any future financings for us shareholders. There is a lot of work left to do on this property and I believe many more pleasant surprises lie ahead but I respectfully suggest that management should now start paying more attention to the needs of the market to protect the value of this company. JMHO. DYODD.

Clear skies


PS.. This is not a plug for Newstrike....I am a former shareholder of that company