Running an exploration program is a little like putting a puzzle together.  Sometimes when you are placing a piece, you need other pieces in place before you can find the place where it fits.

I see nothing wrong with the way the GQC program has been run.  The deep IP is likely very expensive so it would not make sense to do it right away.  Why pay the added expense for deep IP if you are finding nothing with the shallow IP?  Also at the beginning of the program they likely did not have the large treasury that they have now.  So like all juniors they were probably looking for ways to make the money last.

Also at the beginning of the program they were using a small economical drill (good to about 400m depth) likely again to save money.  Lets face it, it is likely expensive to get equipment in place in the Dominican Republic.  Being a third world country, I would think that most equipment would have to be brought in from the US or Canada at great expense.  Also, they did not realize they had deeper potential until Romero (Hole 90)

Exploration is always a balance between getting results and making the money last and hindsight is always 20-20.  As an exploration geologist, I feel the GQC crew is doing an excellent job of exploring this new and exciting discovery.