In fact they are looking rather trim......and so is our current share price. ..just goes to show how speculative value and price can undergo a sharp divergence in a viscious bear market during tax loss selling of a stock that had a heavy overhang of cheap paper. Interesting to see that some gold junior explorers are perking up in share price suggesting that the desparate tax selling is diminishing. This should be felt in GQC soon. The next results will be important...possibly before Christmas.

I disagree with any one saying that we are toast or this was a P&D. I defy them to show me another  company with comparable drill intersections, in a politically and mining  friendly jurisdiction, in a world class gold belt, with a bona fide management team, with twenty million dollars in the bank, with good title, corporately functional, etc (I could go on) which is trading for a $60 million market cap or is not currently under exploration notwithstanding the putrid market....please show me, I would love to buy it.....and add it to my basket of bargains.

Clear Skies