Your post says: "As one poster already commented GQC is entering the boring stage of drilling up a resource the discovery stage is over.... Time will tell if value exists here".

True, some would consider the excitement is now over, since the results released by the last few NRs are not as "expected" compared to the initial high-grade intercepts for Romero. The "boring" period may be here for the next few months, but things may flare up again if GQC produces "another discovery hole" during the step-out drilling toward Hondo Valle. Most of the initial drilling at Hondo (and La Escandalosa) was quite shallow with high Au grades near the surface. They found Cu as well, but the emphasis seemed to be on Au. It would be interesting to see some deep drilling (say 700m) in the Hondo/La Escandalosa areas, noting that the distance from Romero to La Escandalosa is approx 2.5 km (nice strike length?). I would gladly take a reasonably long intercept of 1% Cu (~1.5gpt AuEq) along with 1gpt Au. As a comparison, PRB has found 5.8 M oz Au over a strike length of approx 2km, and their grades are around 1gpt Au.