Never fun watching your money evaporate, man I`ve been there. Watched from the sidelines as GDX ran hard, kicking myself in the backside all the way along....coulda, shoulda, woulda. I`ve never been a big fan of trying to time the market, and with todays volatily and quick 10% hitters it is near impossible in my opinion. I did buy some today late am. @ 53 cents thinking we would see some opportunistic buying into a snap back for this afternoon. But, as I closely watched the thin bidding that little voice inside my head kept this game is over, except for cash in the bank there really isn`t any drivers to regain share value in the short term, IMHO anyways. And going into TLSS I foresee more downside....sure maybe a little bump in the next few days on a failed rebound but my bet is money will keep coming out of this one. So I dumped back into the buy @ 51 -52 cents early in the afternoon....and I`m glad I did. On the other hand it wouldn`t suprise me if today was just a massive shake of the tree to dislodge the nervous nellies. We`ve seen it all before, a great discovery hole followed by mediocre results and the punishing market takes no prisoners. Just my two cents worth...GLTA who choose to stay. SS.