Very well said Ilafalot, excellent post, I feel this story is just starting to get going. Today was not a good day but, there will be more and yes there will be good days also, and better than good days, how easily people forget that about a month or two ago everything was going well on the discovery hole. Yes we hit 2 bucks and have gone back down BUT, when the next good hole is hit we will be back up to 2 bucks and maybe over that with good results, they havent even started to touch the surface of the land holding of Goldquest, there is lots more drilling ahead and guess what, we have the money to keep going. The gold/copper is there and lots of smaller companies would give there eye/teeth to have something like this. Every hole is not going to hit like the glory gold hole there will be good with the bad, If some of the negativity disappeared from the board this would be back to normal. This board was quiet for what a couple of weeks and then news and all the bashers are back at it again. We will see what the next results bring and the oens after that, they cant all be good BUT, they cant all be bad either there is gold in the thar hills with copper also.



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