Certainly was a difficult day to get through.  Such a wave of negativity that 10 million shares got dumped for whatever sellers could get.  And, of course, they could be right.  Things could indeed get worse.

But then again, whenever everybody reaches the same conclusion about a stock, they are very often wrong.  One just cannot afford to go with the flow.  Contrarians famously make money.

Which brings me to the point.  Goldquest has a huge property portfolio.  Not long ago Romaro was just the name of the guy who supplied the mules. Now we have a couple of world class discovery holes and $20 million in cash.

Is it really stupid to believe that it`s not over?  Lots of posters are saying that it is.  But there also a few guys who sound like they know a little about exploration grinding, who lead me to believe that a big satellite discovery could well be just around the corner.  Mother Nature is not that discriminating about emplacement.  

Won`t you just hate yourself for selling out just before you`re proven right?