Hey, you've still had a great run if you bought in this spring.  What you now need to do is decide if this $70 million market cap company is the best place to be, or is it going to keep going down.


I'm in a sort of similar situation with Prophecy Platinum, NKL.v.  Also has about a $70 M market cap.  Put out a 43-101 in July 2011 showing 12M oz PGMs+Au, and 5 billion pounds of Ni+Cu+Co in their Yukon project.  Took off to over $5.  Then put out a PEA this summer showing a $2.4B NPV and a 32% IRR, and it started taking off again.  But someone didn't like that and has seemingly been forcing it lower ever since.  Looks like a textbook case of tree shaking to me, which is why I'm sticking with it.


You need to decide if the same thing is happening with your stock.


Tree shaking or a tax loss buying opportunity?  Do you see any reason for it to go back to the early spring levels?  I don't.