I am at the Hard Assets show in San Francisco and thought the board would be interested in an update. GQC had a booth here. I would say the mood at the booth was upbeat in anticipation of the next assay results expected before month end. They have a lot of holes at the lab and anticipate more assay news before Christmas. Further geophysics is set to commence shortly on the property. Precipitate Gold, who owns offsetting property from GQC, also had a booth here.They are doing prospecting work on their property but it will be a few months before they get drilling. Attendance at the Show was very weak and most newsletter writers and commentators felt we are near a bottom for the junoir market heading into yearend tax loss selling...there is less concensus on how long we are going to be on the bottom. I only caught a couple of investor sessions but I did hear Louis James of Casey Research say he likes GQC and recommends it.....like many others he sees the market as being irrational and obviously dominated by sellers...but that will change.

foggy skies in SF