Beelman, thanks for the explaination in which you shed some light into your conviction that NTR paper is victim of "tax loss season" . It can be a possibility for the massive selling.... since the results have NOT been that bad in the last few releases. ... and the 12.5 cent PP that  Flopman has mentioneed which is evidence of someone whos investing BIG in this company at multiples higher than where  we actually are now at 5 cents.

Maybe a snap back eventually after falling from 13 to a low of 4.5 but the question remains : what will be the next piece of news and how will the overalll market affect the performance of NTR paper in the next few weeks.

Flopman, thanks for the explaination as well.... I feel for the bagholders in here who must be eating bread and water 3 times a day.

...time for a couple of more beers by the Porch as I watch for some wolves that may appear far-off in the distance. got my doublebarrelll ready in case .

jd the professor has professed the truth