I think its falling because just about every junior explorer is falling. There is no capital available period. Plenty of tax loss selling this year too. They just did a PP at 12.5 so someone must like it up there.

Since NTR optioned 3Ace back in early 2010 it hasn't been below 10c until this summer and again now. The results from both 3Ace and Sprogge look promising (if not spectacular) but there is so much unexplored land in their portfolio some of which is inside working claims of others (like Korat inside the Comstock QV claim). Sonora Gulch has some very good results as shown last year. Plenty of potential in a mining friendly area with good access. Too bad absolutely no one wants to invest in gold mining stocks these days. The HUI is a complete nightmare. Surprising given that gold is trading only about 10% off its all time high but than the markets were never rational.